Rate (₹)

Be it a Pleasure, Dignity or Pune call girls: Money can buy everything !

Come on Man ! As all of you know that there is a value of each and everything available in this earth. Some are precious, some are most valuable and some are less valuable. So, in this point of view if we talk about Pune call girls in our escorts agency. Our escorts models are very precious, we cannot assume the rate of our escort models available in our agency.

Nut still we have a rate cart for the time and services the models gives you. You cannot say that the rate given in the table below is the rate of our models. No, the escorts rates in the tale are estimated according to the behavior, performance and the nature of the call girls in Pune.

Below you can see the rates or you can say the donations for the different categories of Pune escorts for various duration and shots of services.

Rates of Pune escorts
Russian and high profile IndianDurationRate
1 shot1½ hours12000
2 shots3 hours22000
3 shotsDay- 5 hours
Night 9pm to 6am
7 shots24 hours75000
Ordinary Pune escorts and call girlsDurationRate
1 shot1½ hours8000
2 shots3 hours15000
3 shotsDay- 5 hours
Night 9pm to 6am
7 shots24 hours40000