Escorts in Pune: The most common Questions of our clients and our Answer

I know the feelings and the questions arises in the mind of the people before coming and getting the Pune call girls in our Escorts service in Pune. It would be very good decision if you discuss everything with our escort representative or you can say our agents before visiting our escorts agency. But here you go,you have discovered are visited our official website. Now when you are here, please read the answers of the most common questions that our clients asks us on call. So that it’ll be easy and saves our time while we make deals.

Q: Is this an independent escorts or an escorts agency ?

Well, every classified ads where you find claiming that they are an independent escorts in Pune. No, most of them are fake and fraud so called independent escorts. Girl will pickup you call, girl will deal with you but the mastermind should be his boyfriend. They will loot you 2000 after 2000 and again and again. Or some who claims themselves as an independent escorts are escorts agency.

Q: Do your escorts provides services with hotel room ?

Yes, we provide our Pune escorts service with hotel which is called In-call service. We provide services to you location at your place also which is called Out-call service

Q: If i need in-call escorts in Pune, do i need to show my ID there to the hotel ?

Off course yes sir, all the hotels we recommend are not our hotels. It belongs to Oyo and fab hotels. we recommend you the hotel where we set our things and we promise them that we will not make any ruckus, we will properly send our client there to book hotel and after that we send our Pune call girls to the room number given by you.

Q: How much time the girl will take to come to my room ?

Sir, it depends on the availability of the girl. Whether the girl is free at the time or she is with another client. If that particular girl is free then she will take maximum 10 minutes to arrive. Or if she is with another then she will take 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Q: What should i do if the girl i selected is working with another client ?

Ask your agent how much time she’ll take to get free, or better you select another one which is available and is free at that time.

Q: Is it safe to take escorts in pune at Oyo hotels ?

Yes, it depends on the setting made by us. Most of the escort agents don’t have set (talked) with the hotel and they send you here after there and there after here to book hotel. But we as an organised escorts in Pune, we have talked to the hotel owners and promises them that we will not put them on trouble and we recommend that hotel to our genuine client. Not all the escorts and hotels are safe.

Q: Will the girl give full service ?

Yes, off course all the girl with us are all good in service. When some clients complaints us about the service then we take class of that girl (question and answer) if the girl agree to do all the service according to the desire of our clients then only we give them a place in our Pune escorts. If not agree then we say bye bye after paying her balance money.

Q: What includes in full service at escorts in Pune?

Here the word “full service” means everything they do which is safe to do and which is hygienic. Risky activity like anal and intercourse without protection is prohibited. Full service includes see services page of our website.

Q: Is there a need of pay in advance ?

Yes, it is very important to know the intention of the person. If the person genuinely wants our escorts service in Pune then the person will not hesitate to pay 1k or 2k in advance. If the person is not paying at least 1k advance means he will definitely do something which we didn’t expect. Many times we sent our Pune call girls to the clients location without any advance, every time the client switch off their phone or asking girl to go here and there seeing the activity of girl from their gallery. But for the repeated client we don’t ask any advance, no need to pay in advance.

Q: What if they block our number after we pay advance ?

Please talk to agent properly and try to know whether they are fraud or genuine. You can easily find our by their voice and way of talking. Genuine escorts agency will not force you to pay. Genuine will show you some of their genuine proof which proves they are genuine. Fraud always force you, shows you lots of fake proofs and they talk very much without listening to you. They always says ok for everything, anal ok, without condom ok everything ok everything no problem hahaha.

So, visit us without any fear and hesitation we are always be there to help you in your every concern. Enjoy !!! You can visit our partner agency Pune call girl bazaar